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Main Loch Improvements - February 2007

The contours of the Main Loch have been dramatically altered and improved by extensive earthmoving works with the aim of making the fishing much better and easier.  The water level was lowered and a huge excavator with a 17.5 metre reach was used to smooth out the lumps and bumps left over from the old quarry workings.  Click pictures to enlarge


View from cafe View from peg 50 Old Road in late 30s pegs View from peg 28 left View from peg 26 View from peg 50 over to peg 1


Digging out the road - peg 38 Working on the mid 30s Mind the Dog ! Smoothing the slope


View from peg 1 View from peg 1 to peg 50 View right from peg 8 View right from peg 22 View from peg 23 right View left from peg 26 View along the 40s  View from peg 46 right Peg 50