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Scotland v Wales International - Sat & Sun 21/22 June 2003

Scottish & Welsh Flags
Flying the flags
The captains
The Captains
Day 1 1st Brian Lynn
Brian Lynn 5.320kg
Scotland & Wales Teams
Scotland and Wales

Magiscroft was honoured to host the annual Scotland v Wales friendly International competition. The two day, 8 a side, contest was very close with the weigh-in on both days showing that just ounces here or there were crucial in the peg to peg battles.  Wales were just too strong though and after a tied first day it was Welsh anglers who consistently managed to edge ahead of their rivals on day 2.  Wales won with 26 points and 21.910kg to Scotland's 22 points and 22.180kg.

Home advantage was effectively lost as the fishing had changed significantly over the few weeks leading up to the match. With two days solid practice immediately before the match the Welsh were confident.

The first day saw a great contrast in styles with Wales taking a more defensive approach, cupping in dark groundbait and fishing closer in. Scotland were more positive, they threw more groundbait and light coloured leam onto the long pole line and aimed to quickly attract skimmers and ide up in the water with loose feed squatts. In the end both approaches were partly right, with less wind than before the long pole was better but the bright coloured cloud was not so effective since the fish were staying in the bottom 3 ft of the water. Once both teams adapted the result was so close that the teams tied with 12 points though Scotland had a weight advantage. Brian Lynn of Scotland had the best catch on the day with 5.230 kg of mainly skimmer bream.

On the second day both teams adapted their tactics in similar ways so it was always going to be a tight contest and throughout the match the result was too close to call. At the weigh-in 3 of the 8 sections had clear winners but the other 5 were all decided by a couple of ounces. Welsh anglers showed their sharpness in tight situations by taking four of those decisive sections to win the day and the match overall.

Davie Corcoran of Scotland had the best weight on day 2 including a pound plus carp in his 3.420 kg catch. Gareth Evison was outstanding for Wales on both days and fully deserved his place as individual winner with 4 points and 3.050kg. Well done also to Darren Ferguson who was top Scot on his International debut.

Both teams agreed it was a good competetive match and a great experience for all who took part. We are sure our Welsh visitors appreciated the hospitality shown by the their Scottish friends, the SFCA and the management and staff of Magiscroft, as much as we were delighted to act as hosts.  Roll on next year in Wales !


Wales 26 Points 21.910 kg
Scotland 22 Points 22.180 kg

Indivdual 1st - Gareth Evison, Wales - 4 Points, 3.050 kg

Day 1

Scotland 12 Points 12.190 kg
Wales 12 Points 10.600 kg

Individuals -
1st Brian Lynn Scotland 5.230 kg
2nd Steve Norman Wales 3.780 kg
3rd Mark Plevin Wales 3.210 kg

Day 2

Wales 14 Points 11.310 kg
Scotland 10 Points 9.990 kg

Individuals -
1st Davie Corcoran Scotland 3.420 kg
2nd Robin Darker Wales 2.620 kg
3rd Gareth Evison Wales 2.070 kg