• All fish caught must be returned to the water alive and well.
  • All anglers must have a landing net with them.
  • Strictly no alcohol or illegal substances to be brought on site.
  • Please use the litter bins provided or take your litter home.
  • No excessively loud or abusive language will be allowed.
  • No fires.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Barbless hooks only, maximum size 12
    (manufactured barbless please – no crushed, filed or nipped barbs).
  • 1 rod only on small ponds, (2 rod permit available for main loch only)
  • No keepnets allowed at all unless in a match.
  • No braid, no electronic bite alarms.
  • Pike Fishing is only allowed during separatly notified winter months.
  • No self-hooking pole methods to be used, i.e. no floating pole, loose line or indicators. Rigs must include a properly shotted float, minimum size 3×8.  Length of line from pole tip to hook must be at least 12 inches.
  • Only Magiscroft Fishery feed pellets can be used.
  • No meat baits or nuts.
  • The management reserve the right to spot check customers tackle to check they are observing these rules. Those who persist in breaking these rules will be barred. Anyone caught attempting to remove fish will be prosecuted.
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