Celtic Cup 2008

Thanks to everyone involved for helping to make a successful and enjoyable Celtic Cup. See full results and presentation pictures below.

1st SCOTLAND 20pts
2nd WALES 27pts
3rd IRELAND 37pts

1st JAMIE MASSON – Scotland – 2pts – 40.560kg
2nd GEORGE GLEN – Scotland – 2pts – 16.170kg
3rd SHAUN SANDHAM – Wales – 2pts – 11.120kg
4th BRIAN CLARK – Scotland – 3pts – 13.020kg
5th JAMES WOODROW – Scotland – 3pts – 9.420kg

Individual Champion Jamie Masson

Scotland – Chris Paton (Captain), Jamie Masson, Brian Clark, Davie Corcoran, Ewan Weed, Ian Whitson
Front Row – George Glen, James Woodrow, Gus Brindle (Coach)

Wales – Shaun Sandham, Andy Amos, Nigel Evans, Eric Humphries (Captain), Paul Fillmore, Phil Davies
Front Row – Tomos Lea, Paul Jones

Ireland – Damien Maddock, Dick Caplice (Captain), Shane Dunne, Connor Browne, Thomas Lawton, Brian Kane, Gavin Walsh

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